About Us

  • We are a software company interested in creating solutions to real-world problems, primarily: how best to organize one’s data in the simplest, most effective, and most personalized way imaginable.
  • We will deliver superior value to customers by delivering innovative products that organize and present their data in ways best suited to their particular needs.
  • Whether through our NoSQL categorical database, ADAGE (Adaptive Document Assembly and Generation Engine), or our enterprise service designed on ADAGE, SHARDS (Searchable Hierarchical ADAGE-based Research Document Service), MJBA-Tech’s technologies will liberate content from traditional document containers and assemble large amounts of complex data into human-readable, logically organized documents.
  • We have built an operational prototype for ADAGE.
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Our Promise

“We will never utter the phrases ‘disrupt’ or ‘lean startup’ unless they hold ironic value.” - Mike & Brian
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